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Greece spans  an area of 50,949 square miles (131,958 square kilometres) and the population is more than 10 million people. Greece is a very popular holiday destination, which is visited by approximately 16.5 million tourists each year, with tourism constituting nearly 16% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

If you wish to send money to family in Greece then there are various ways you could send your money  so it is wise to consider these options so that you find a cheap and easy way to send Euros to Greece.

While banks and money sending bureaus are a common way to send money to Greece these agents are an expensive way to make your payment as they apply sizeable transfer fees when sending your money and also offer bad exchange rates for the Euro.

The ideal alternative to these ways of sending money is to send Euros with a specialist money transfer service like Xendpay.  When sending money via us you will benefit from a  significant reduction in the costs of your international transfer as we will give you competitive Euro exchange rates.

Thanks to Xendpay, you can send money securely and conveniently online 24/7 from any location which means you no longer have to spend time at the bank and instead can send money from the comfort of your home.

To send money to Greece we will need to know you bank account details, the recipient’s bank details and the IBAN and SWIFT codes of their bank. Then you will have to choose how you will pay, either via bank transfer, from your credit or debit card, iDeal or ELV.

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