The main problem of international money transfers are the extra costs. Compared to national transactions, some aspects come in addition that make the payment much more expensive. The first one is the transaction fee. Many banks demand a very high fee for their efforts to send money abroad.The second one is the exchange rates. Especially banks can buy currencies at very favourable prices whereas the offers their clients receive are much worse. So it can happen that you have to pay much more for the money than expected.

Do you intend to send money to Guatemala, e.g. to support family or friends there or to plan a longer stay in Central America? If so it is advisable to look for the best offer.

Which is the best offer?

The best possibility of transferring money to Guatemala is Xendpay. Xendpay is an online platform for international payments. Being founded in 2011, it offers its clients a very comfortable and convenient way of remitting money to other countries. If you want to transfer money to Guatemala, you don’t have to wait for opening hours as the platform is available 24/7.

The second advantage of Xendpay are the prices. While banks and some other payments institutions like Paypal charge high fees and bad exchange rates, Xendpay is much more customer-friendly regarding the costs (check our fees here).

Another important topic of international payments is the reliability of the company. Xendpay is absolutely trustworthy. We are member of the SWIFT-network and authorized by the FCA and HMRC. Our internal precautions to save our clients’ money are very efficient and we do everything to protect your personal information.

How can I make a transaction?

You only have to register as a client of Xendpay. If you want to send money to Guatemala you just have to enter your information, requirements and the IBAN and/or the SWIFT/BIC Code. We will process your payment as soon as we receive the money.