If you are looking to send money to Hong Kong online, there will be a number of providers that offer online money transfer services. Will you be transferring Hong Kong Dollars to Hong Kong? Or maybe you wish to transfer US Dollars to Hong Kong. Whatever your currency requirements are and however often you will require to transfer money to a bank account in Hong Kong, you will want to find a service that enables you to send money cheaply to Hong Kong, so you will need to find a service with low transfer fees and good exchange rates.

What online money transfer services are available?

In the past the choice of international money transfer services would have been limited to a bank, which meant a visit to the bank every time you need to transfer money. Now however there are a number of providers offering money transfer services, many of which provide an online service.

If you wish to transfer money through a bank, a number of banks now offer online money transfer services in addition to their in-store services. Indeed transferring money through a bank is an obvious solution, however banks are generally an expensive way of transferring money overseas as they charge large transfer fees and offer poor exchange rates. What’s more, with a bank it can take a number of days for the money to reach the recipient’s account, usually 3-4 working days.

A money sending bureaux such as Western Union  or MoneyGram is another service that will be able to assist you with your money transfer to Hong Kong. Many of these providers offer both an online money transfer service and a network of shops. Although these services are often a much faster way than a bank to transfer money abroad, you are not likely to get a great deal for your money as they charge significant transfer fees and offer uncompetitive exchange rates which are fixed, meaning you are unable to benefit from a favourable exchange rate if one comes available.

Is there another way to send money to Hong Kong?

Xendpay.com is an ideal alternative to banks and money sending bureaux like Western Union and MoneyGram when you need a cheap and easy way of making an online money transfer to a bank account in Hong Kong. Each year Xendpay helps tens of thousands of individuals to reduce the costs of sending money overseas, providing an easy and convenient and cheaper way of sending money abroad.

Why is Xendpay the ideal way to send money to Hong Kong? 

  1. Great exchange rate across our range of currencies, including Hong Kong Dollar and US Dollar. Compare our exchange rate
  2. Low transfer fees – We charge some of the lowest transfer fees, beat most banks and money sending bureaux. Please see our fee page for further information
  3. Send money 24/7, online via our payments platform
  4. Online and telephone assistance
  5. No need to visit shops or to queue
  6. Easy way to send money to Hong Kong
  7. Your money will be received quickly. If we have received your payment instructions and funds before 12pm on a working day your payment will be sent out that day your funds should be received in 1-2 working daysFor more information, please see our delivery times page. 

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