You can send money to Hong Kong cheaply and simply if you choose Xendpay. We offer a great exchange rate for the Hong Kong Dollar and let you send money with low fees so sending money is a lot cheaper with us. We also make sending money straightforward as our online payment system allows you to send money from a time and place which is suited to you.

If you need to send money to Hong Kong it is worth looking at the different transfer options available to you to ensure you get a good deal! You may need to send money to an account in the Bank of China or Chong Hing Bank for example lets look at the main options you can take.

Using your bank is a pretty straightforward and logical solution when dealing with your finances, however, there are major drawbacks of sending money to Hong Kong through them. For a start, they provide uncompetitive exchange rates across all their currencies- meaning less Hong Kong Dollars in the conversion when you send money to Hong Kong. Furthermore, your bank will charge you a fee every time you send money to Hong Kong. Making your bank not a cheap option at all.

A money sending bureau is another common option to send money to Hong Kong which is a quick way to send money and can even enables you to send money to a recipient that may not possess a bank account. However, they are an expensive way to send money to Hong Kong as you are looking at a 10-15% service charge to do your transfer along with offering poor exchange rates for the Hong Kong Dollar.

Using a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay is the final option for you to consider and it has major advantages over the other options! We will offer a more competitive exchange rate for the Hong Kong Dollar than your bank or a money sending bureau.

With our simple, secure online payments system you can make your payments to Hong Kong from the convenience of your own home 24/7.

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