If you require a cheap and simple solution to transfer money to a Hong Kong bank account then Xendpay can help you! We offer a great exchange rate for the Hong Kong Dollar and enable you to transfer money for low fees. In addition to this you will also benefit from the convenience of our online payments system, which will allow you to transfer money to a Hong Kong bank account simply and conveniently, 24/7 from any location.

We transfer money to all major banks in Hong Kong such as: Bank of East Asia, Bank of China, Chong Hing Bank, Dah Sing Bank, HSBC and many more. Whatever bank account in Hong Kong that you need to transfer to, we will see that your money arrive in good time to your designated account and at reduced cost to using your bank or money transfer agent.

We specialise in providing low cost international money transfers worldwide and will guarantee you an extremely competitive exchange rate for the Hong Kong Dollar and allow you to transfer money for low fees only.

To start transferring money you will first need to decide on your method of payment for the transfer; you can credit our client account with the funds you wish to transfer by making a credit or debit card payment or by doing a bank transfer. We will then need to know the bank account details you are transferring to and the bank’s SWIFT code and address.

    Benefits of our online payment system

    • Our online system is able to accept your payment instructions to Hong Kong 24/7
    • Get up-to-date live exchange rates
    • You can pay by bank transfer, card and even iDeal/ELV
    • Monitor your active transactions as well as view all your currency transaction history

    How are we able to offer such a cheap service?

    A big reason for this is because we buy huge amounts of currencies every year and are able to get wholesale rates for the currencies we buy. We are then happy to pass on the savings to all our customers!

    So far we have transferred over £1 billion of currency successfully worldwide and we are trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses when it comes to money transfers.

    Transfer money to a Hong Kong bank account now.