You can transfer money to Hungary online easily with Xendpay. We can offer cheap, convenient and secure money transfers to Hungary with 24/7 payments and low costs.

We can transfer money to any bank account in Hungary such as Budapest Bank, Commerzbank and HVB bank. Open an account now and start making your transfers to Hungary cheaper!

How to transfer money to Hungary online

Using our secure online payments system means you can make your international transfers from any place with access to the internet!

  • To begin you will need to register first
  • You will then receive an email to activate your online account
  • Once you have activated your account you can login to our online payment system
  • Just simply follow the online instructions to make your transfer

You will need:

  • Bank account/card details you are transferring from
  • Bank account details you are transferring to
  • SWIFT code of the bank you are transferring to

It’s that easy to transfer money to Hungary online


Why transfer money to Hungary with Xendpay?

Your bank and money transfer agent will charge you:

  • High exchange rates
  • Transfer fees

Xendpay can offer you:

  • Little tansfer fees
  • Zero commission
  • 24/7 online payments

We are also connected to the SWIFT banking network, the world’s biggest payments and settlements network. This means you will benefit from faster streamlined payments and enhanced security of your transfers! Transfer money to Hungary cheaply and safely by opening an account now!