If you need to send money to a Rupee bank account in India cheaply and safely then Xendpay is the ideal solution for you. We are highly experienced specialists at sending money to the USA and will reduce the costs of your transfer by offerring great rates for the Indian Rupee and the option of low transfer fees! 

If you need to send money to a rupee bank account in India going to a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay, is the ideal option to take.

The exchange rate is an important part of your money transfer as it involves converting into rupees. You want to be able to get the best exchange rates as possible and that can be achieved by using a foreign exchange broker.

For instance,  if you send your money through your bank you will notice the exchange rate they give you is poor in comparison – offering you less rupees for your money. In addition, you will also be charged a fee for the wiring of your money to an account in India.  You are financial better off going to a foreign exchange provider like Xendpay to send your money to a bank account in India.

Using a foreign exchange broker will see you get a much improved rate of exchange for the rupee as well as other currencies. What is also advantageous is that they do not charge you high fee for doing your transfers to India. These two big factors mean you are making a considerable saving on the transfer.

How long will sending money take?

Sending rupees to a bank account in India takes a standard two days. There are occurrences of funds being available on the next day, but if you have a deadline to meet you should ensure you make your payment in good time.

To ensure funds will reach the account within two days most companies will have a cut off time of 3pm. You should provide your payment instructions before this time to ensure that your payment is not late.

Why are you sending money to India?

You will also need to state the purpose of why you are sending money to India. This is important for the sender of the funds but carries high importance in India.


Apart from presenting your bank details and your recipient bank details, the IFSC code of the bank is an important requirement to sending money to a bank in India. This is the India Financial System Code that identifies the different bank branches in India so it is important to make sure your funds are going to the right place.

The SWIFT code is important too but as long as you have the full bank address and details you should still be able to make a payment even if you do not have the SWIFT code.

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