Do you need to send money to the State Bank of India or any other bank in India? Sending money via Xendpay is a great way to make your transfer as our specialist experience at sending money to India permits simple, secure and inexpesnive transfers for our customers. We offer a great exchange rate for the Indian Rupee and let you transfer money at a low cost thanks to our competitive transfer fees.

If you need to send money to India you can do so by using a bank wire transfer which is considered the most practical way to send money to the State Bank of India or any other bank in India. To send your money we will need to know:

•    Your bank account details
•    Your recipient bank details
•    SWIFT codes

How long will it take?

When sending money to an Indian bank it is worth noting that transfers of Indian rupees (INR) is a two day currency. This means that your funds should arrive within 2 days of the funds being sent.

What is the purpose of the transfer?

When sending your money to India you will also be asked what is the purpose of the transfer? This is of great importance to the Indian bank receiving your funds.

There have been cases when it can be 3 or 4 days before the funds are available due to the Indian bank holding the funds to be investigated. That is why stating your purpose is important as it is part of their banking guidelines.

A cheaper way to send money!

If send your wire transfer to the State bank of India via your bank its is likely that you will be charged an expensive transfer fee and offered poor rates of currency exchange.

The good news is that you can make a bank wire transfer simply, effortlessly and conveniently with a foreign exchange provider like  Xendpay. We will offer you competitive exchange rates for the Indian Rupee and our transfer fees are always low.

Xendpay can make sending money to India efficient and less costly and what is more we can ensure secure payments. We are highly experienced at sending money to State bank of India and we are part of an FCA Authorised Payment Institution so you know your funds are safe with us!

State bank of India

Bank name: State Bank of India
Address: State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Bhadra, Ahmedabad – 380 001.
Phone number: (079) – 25506425

Open an account and follow the simple registration steps to send to India.