In today’s multicultural world people living and working overseas often have a need to remit rupees to India. However, Indians earning their wage overseas should be careful to consider which method they use to send money to India.

A bank-to-bank transfer could look temptingly convenient to begin with.

However, closer inspection reveals that using this method to remit rupees to India can result in unforeseen costs including a poor foreign exchange rate and high fees for transferring money internationally.

Using a regulated foreign exchange broker will save you money compared to the banks.

This is because independent brokers specialise in foreign exchange and as such they are able to offer competitive rates on currencies.

Not all companies are regulated, but Xendpay is part of RationalFX, which is registered as a Payments Institution with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, so you can rest assured that your money is safe.

Why not open an account online today and you could be finding out exactly how much you can save when you remit money to India tomorrow.