Considering the various different ways to send money to India is wise as this could save you money and help you find the most convenient transfer method for you. Sending money via Xendpay is a great way to make your transfer as we are highly experienced specialists at sending money to India and make sending money simple, secure and inexpesnive for our customers. We offer highly competitive exchange rates for the Indian Rupee and the option of a low fee transfer which reduces the costs of sending money. 

If you need to send money to India it  pays to research your various options. 

The amount of money you need to move and the frequency of the transfer are likely to influence how you choose to send money to India, whether it is to cover payments on a property, make a pension transfer or maybe just to send money to friends and family in India. 

You may have enquired about how to send money to India with Money Sending Bureaux, seen on high streets and in malls around the world. However, these establishments tend to be small and poorly regulated. Furthermore, they are unlikely to offer you a competitive rate of currency exchange and they will often charge you a fee of between ten and 15 per cent for each transfer you make to India. 

If you need to send money to a bank account in India, perhaps with the Bank of India or Axis bank, a local branch of a bank in your country of residence could be an alternative option to Money Sending Bureaus. 

Banks will usually be able to set up transfers with one visit or phone call and you can rest assured that they will be secure. But this convenience will probably come with a high cost in foreign exchange fees or poor rates of exchange. 

You can avoid these charges by considering a currency exchange specialist when you send money to India. Xendpay does not charge high fees to send money to India and we have some of the most competitive rates of currency exchange available.

You can send Rupees to India within minutes by opening an online account.