Are you looking to send money from the UK to India simply, securely and cheaply? If the answer is yes then the ideal solution for you is Xendpay. As highly experienced specialists at sending money to India we will make the transfer simple, secure and thanks to our great rates for the Indian Rupee and the option of a low fee transfer, cheap. 

Many people send money from the UK to India as the UK has a very large Indian community, so sending money to India from the UK is a common international transfer.

If you need to send money to India from the UK then finding the best way can save you money in the foreign currency exchange and transfer costs.

You can firstly enquire at your local bank on the high street which will be a simple way to make the transfer to India. The exchange rates that your bank will offer you however are poor and your bank will charge high transfer fees of up to £100 which means you will not be able to transfer as many Rupees for your Pounds.

Another option you can use is a money sending bureau, a service which is known to send money quickly internationally.  Money sending operators are however a particularly expensive way to transfer money as they charge around 10-15% for doing the transfer and they offer poor exchange rates. They are not a financially ideal way to send money but can be an option if you don’t want to use the banking system or the recipient does not have a bank account.

Sending money from the UK to India does not have to be as costly; more and more people are discovering the use of foreign exchange brokers who can make sending money internationally a lot cheaper. We at Xendpay offer you fantastic exchange rates and the transfer fees when you are transferring money to India will be really low.

We are a UK based payments institution who are highly experienced at sending money to India efficiently, securely and most of all less costly and we will offer you more Rupees for your Pounds!

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