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Finding a way to transfer money to India cheaply and efficiently can be done by looking at the main transfer options accessible to you!

You may need to transfer money to family or friends in India or maybe for other reasons. Whatever your needs may be, finding the best transfer option can see you save money!

Your recipient may need you to transfer to an account in the Bank of India for example. The way in which you transfer money to India is significant as the conversion to Indian rupees and transfer fees being applied can vary depending on where you go.

You could firstly visit your own bank. They can offer you the service to transfer money to India quite conveniently and already being an account holder it is a logical solution.

However, when looking at the costs involved you will see they offer a poor exchange rate for the Indian rupee as well as all their other currencies.

In addition to this, you will be looking at incurring bank charges per transfer! This will see your costs add up, especially if you need to transfer money regularly.

Another option you can use is a money sending bureau. They seem like a quick and easy option to dealing with your foreign exchange needs, however they are not an ideal option as they charge a whopping 10-15% for using their service on top of terrible exchange rates. With their long opening hours and mainly located in the busy parts of town they tend to take advantage of the not so attentive consumer.

Your best option is to use Xendpay as we can make transferring money to India cheaper and easier! We are highly experienced foreign exchange brokers and we offer extremely competitive rates of exchange for the Indian rupee and charge low transfer fees! 

You can make your money transfers to India easily and quickly with Xendpay, which is simple to use and secure, giving you the ability to track your payments!

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