In 2010 India was the top remittance receiving country, with an inflow of money transfers worth US$ 55 billion. According to the World Bank over 11,000 people emigrated from India in 2010 and the United Kingdom was one of the top destination countries to relocate to. Due to the significant numbers of Indian immigrants living in the UK who wish to regularly transfer money to family back home, the UK to India has become one of the top currency corridors.

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The benefits of making your money transfer through Xendpay

As we are a payments institution that specializes in foreign currency exchange and remittances, Xendpay is the ideal service when you need to make a UK – India money transfer beacuse:

  • We have a 24/7 online payments platform so you can make your transactions at your own convenience, even from the comfort of your home.
  • We offer extremely competitive exchange rates and our transfer fees are amongst the lowest on the market. To find out what our transfer fees are, please visit our rates page.
  • Our money transfers are also fast as your beneficiary  will receive the funds in their bank account within 1-3 working days after your funds have cleared our account.


How to use your Xendpay account 

To transfer money to India cheaply, conveniently and with ease make your money transfer through Xendpay.

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