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Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in south-central Europe whose territory spans 301,338 km2 (116,347 sq. mi). Italy has 60.6 million inhabitants which makes it the fifth most populous country in Europe, and the 23rd most populous in the world. It is a founding member of the European Union and is a member of the G8, G20 and NATO.

When you decide to send money to Italy, the options before you might appear complicated at first. In addition to the range of choices, there are hidden costs and expenses to consider, which will vary depending on how you send money to Italy.

Perhaps you’ve bought a property in Venice and need to send Euros to Italy to cover mortgage instalments, or maybe you’re already established with your family in Tuscany and you need a way of moving your pension payments to your Italian bank account.

If the amount that is being transferred is substantial, a bank could be a convenient first port of call to send money to Italy. Banks will generally allow you to set up the payment with a single phone call or visit and the transfer between accounts will be secure.

However, the main disadvantage with this method is the poor rate of currency exchange. Once you add in the exchange fees often charged by high street banks, the convenience of moving money this way can appear less attractive.

Your second option to send money to Italy is a Money Sending Bureau. These are found around the world in high streets and shopping malls. But while they may be useful for small sums of money, there are a number of risks involved in sending money through these establishments.

A lot of money sending bureaus are small and poorly regulated. Furthermore, they trend towards charging high foreign exchange fees – often between ten and 15 per cent – which could significantly reduce the amount of money you actually send to Italy.

Save both time and money by using a specialist money transfer service like Xendpay. You will benefit from cheap, secure and easy money transfers which can be made anywhere, anytime, online.

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