Transfers from Great British Pounds to Japanese Yens are made simple and cost effective by Xendpay. The service we provide differs from the majority of international money sending agents as transfer fees are very low, plus we offer you competitive exchange rates for Pound to Japanese Yen conversions.

The Japanese Yen is the official currency of Japan. After the United States Dollar and the Euro the Yen is the third most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market. The currency is issued in 1 Yen coin, 5 Yen coin, 10 Yen coin, 100 Yen coin, 500 Yen coin, 1,000 Yen bill, a 5,000 Yen bill and 10,000 Yen bill denominations.
Considering the various ways of processing your GBP to JPY transfer is advisable as this leads you to find the most suitable money transferring service for you.

While banks and money sending bureaus are convenient ways to transfer your funds the costs of these mediums outweigh their relative benefits.

Processing international transfers through Xendpay allows you to transfer more Japanese Yen than other money transferring agents enable. We are dissimilar to agents such as banks and money sending bureaus as we only apply low transfer fees to your transaction, and offer you competitive exchange rates on Pound to Japanese Yen conversions.

Our online payments system facilitates easy to make and convenient transfers. Processing your payment could not be simpler! To transfer your money we will need your funds to be credited to our client account; you can credit our client account by making a credit or debit card payment, do a transfer through your bank or pay by iDeal or ELV.

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