When considering how to send money to Japan, you are likely to come across a number of options.

Japan has exceptionally high living standards and a predominantly temperate climate. However, the heavy snowfall on the west coast during winter and the hot Pacific east coast summers provide plenty of interest within the country.

But whether you are looking to send money to Japan to fund your retirement, to support your child on a gap year experience or to buy property, choosing the right method to send money to Japan will save you money.

Using a bank-to-bank transfer, perhaps sending money to the major Shinsei Bank, might seem like the obvious option.

However, banks around the world tend to charge per-transfer fees, which can soon add up on top of poor currency exchange rates.

Using a regulated foreign exchange broker, such as Xendpay, could save you money. While no bank, bureau de change or FX broker can offer you the ‘mid-market’ exchange rate, a broker is likely to be the closest.