Xendpay is the ideal solution when you need a cheap and simple way to send money to Kuwait as we enable you to transfer money at great Kuwait Dinar exchange rate via our online payments system.

How you go about sending money to Kuwait can have implications on the costs of doing so. Like with most things you want to use a way that is best for you and of course not so heavy on cost.

Whether you need to send money to a family member in Kuwait or looking to purchase property, exchange rates are a big part of sending money internationally, as well as taking into account transfer charges that you may incur.

Sending money to Kuwait might mean making a transfer into an account in the Commercial Bank of Kuwait for example. We can look at the main transfer options you can use to do so:

Main sending options

Visiting your bank can be a direct way of sending money to Kuwait which is a logical solution. Going via your bank however often means there are bank charges applied per transfer and poor exchange rates will be offered so you will get a lot less Kuwaiti Dinars for your money!

You can also try a money sending bureau as an alternative option which is convenient due to their long opening hours. With ease however, there comes great expense as they offer poor rates of exchange for their currencies and charge up to 10-15% of your transfer in fees which makes this an extremely costly way to send money to Kuwait.

Your last option to use is a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay as we offer extremely competitive exchange rates and offer low fees which enables you to make substantial savings!

In addition to a cheaper transfer, sending money to Kuwait is much simpler as our online payments system enables you to transfer money 24/7 from any location.

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