There are a variety of ways to send money to Latvia, but not all are cost effective or secure. Latvia has one of the most diverse populations; in fact almost 40 per cent of people there are not indigenous to the country.

Many Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Polish people move to Latvia for a number of reasons. However, the costs involved in moving abroad can soon mount up and you will most likely need to send money to Latvia from your home country to cover the initial costs.

You could use a bank-to-bank transfer if you already have a bank account set up. 

This should be completely safe, as long as you use a bank or a properly regulated payment institution.

However, the foreign exchange rates on offer are unlikely to be very competitive and you could well be hit with additional fees when you send money to Latvia.

A currency exchange provider, such as Xendpay, will always have a low fee option for moving money abroad.

Furthermore, Xendpay offers you a very competitive lat rate of exchange when you send money to Latvia – cutting down on extra expenses at a costly time in your life.