Choosing the best way to remit money to Lithuania will depend on what your priorities are. Whether you want to remit money to family and friends, purchase a property or pay into a pension there are a number of different options.

The three main choices are using a Money Sending Bureau, visiting a high street bank or through a foreign exchange bureau. If you want to remit money to the Lithuania to somebody with a bank account, perhaps with Hansabank, Nordea Bank Lietuva or SEB bankas, then doing it through a high street bank in your country of residence could be a convenient method

Most banks will set up a transfer of Lithuanian litas with just one phone call or visit.

However, with convenience comes cost, and banks are likely to charge significant transfer fees for every transaction that you make, which can add up if you plan to make regular payments.

Alternatively, if you plan to remit money to Lithuania to somebody without a bank account, a Money Sending Bureau could be the best option.

Unfortunately, these are not a lot better in terms of value. You can expect to pay per-transfer fees of as much as ten and 15 per cent and the exchange rate won’t be great.

The final option is to use a foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay. We can guarantee you a low fee service when you send money to Lithuania. In addition to a the low fees we will also provide you with some of the best foreign exchange rates on the market because of the large amount of money that we move on a daily basis.

Why not open an online account today? Opening an account is quick, free and easy and will let you view and compare these rates before you make your ultimate decision.