Xenpay.com: The ideal online money transfer solution when you need to transfer money to Lithuania

A family member needs you to transfer money to Lithuania as they are in financial difficulty. Maybe you need to transfer money to your personal account back home. How do you do it? An ideal solutuion would be to make the money transfer through a foreign currency exchange specialist like Xendpay who’s great exchange rates and low transfer fees would make your money go further. You will also find that transferring money via Xendpay.com will make the money transfer to Lithuania much simpler thanks to our 24/7, convenient online payments system.

What are the options when I need to transfer money to Lithuania?

Finding the ideal money transfer agent will be in you and your recipient’s best financial interests seeing as the different methods of transferring money will carry different costs, so you will need to take a look at each of the transfer options to see what they have to offer.

  • A bank

The first logical option when you need to transfer money to Lithuania is likely to be visiting your bank. Transferring the money through your bank would be a practical solution as they will be able to offer this service, enabling you to transfer money directly from your account to an account in Lithuania. With many banks however, you will find that the transfer fees are really high and that further money will be lost during the transfer due to an uncompetitive exchange rate, making this a costly way to transfer money. It would therefore be worthwhile looking into an alternative way to transfer money to Lithuania.

  • A money sending bureau

Another convenient money transfer option will be a money sending bureau. While these services will be ideal if you need to make an urgent payment as they have long opening hours, they operate by providing a quick yet costly way to transfer money. It is likely that these services will charge you a transfer fee of around 10-15% along with offering you a poor currency exchange rate.

  • A foreign exchange broker

Foreign exchange brokers such as the money transfer specialists Xendpay are rapidly becoming the ideal option for individuals looking to make money transfers as transferring money via Xendpay.com is the safe, cheap and simple way to transfer money to Lithuania. At Xendpay we are foreign exchange experts so we provide you with a low cost specialist money transfer service, offering you great exchange rates and charging you low transfer fees. To find out the currencies that we currently trade and the specific transfer fees for these currencies please visit our fee page

When you transfer money to Lithuania through Xendpay you will also have access to a secure online payments service that lets you transfer money at your own convenience, 24/7 online.

What do I need to do to make a money transfer through Xendpay?

To make a money transfer to Lithuania you will need to register for a free Xendpay account, adding your payee(s) by telling us their name, bank account details and the name, address and SWIFT code of their bank. When you have added your beneficiaries you will then be ready to transfer money to Lithuania.

To make the money transfer simply select the payee who you wish to transfer money to, tell us the amount that you wish to transfer, the currency that you will be transferring and the currency that you will pay with. You will then you need to credit our secure Barclay’s bank client account with your funds, which you can do by using credit, debit card, iDeal, ELV or by doing a bank transfer.

Although you won’t be able to transfer Lithuanian litas as we do not currently trade this currency, you will be able to transfer pound sterling, US dollars or euros. Please note that a foreign exchange conversion must take place when you make money transfers through Xendpay, so you cannot for example make a euro to euro transfer.

When transferring money through Xendpay, the funds are always received quickly as we process all payment instructions that we receive prior to 2pm on the same working day.

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