If you are looking to remit money to Luxembourg Xendpay will be the ideal money transfer service for you as we enable you to make your remittances simply and cheaply online. With Xendpay it is inexpensive to remit euros to Luxembourg as our transfer fees are low and our exchange rates are highly competitive. What’s more you can remit EUR conveniently 24/7 online via Xendpay.com, so it is now really easy to remit money.

Remitting money to Luxembourg can be tricky as there are numerous precautionary measures and restrictions in place, so it is advisable to examine the various transfer options to ensure that you are able to make an informed decision when you choose your money transfer provider.

What are the options when I need to remit euros to Luxembourg?

Previously banks and money transfer agents were the only way to remit money overseas. As there is now a significant demand for these money transfer services and there are various restrictions which apply to international money transfers, the existing services are able to impose high transfer fees and to offer poor exchange rates, which make these expensive ways to remit money. 

Is there another way to remit money?

In recent years remitting money internationally has become a lot easier. Thanks to developments in the internet it is now possible to make remittances simply, inexpensively and securely online, so people now regularly remit money online through foreign exchange specialists, such as market leaders Xendpay.

Why Xendpay?

Making your remittance to Luxembourg through a FX specialist like Xendpay will be the ideal solution seeing as service is exclusively focused on foreign currency exchange as our specialisation in the area means that we can offer you some of the best exchange rates on the market and charge you low transfer fees. Please visit our fee page for more info.

How do remittances work with Xendpay?

It will be really easy to remit money on Xendpay.com and the remittance will be tailored to your personal requirements. Due to our 24/7 online payments system you can remit money conveniently at a time and from a location which suits you. All you will need to do is register for a Xendpay account, which will take a matter of minutes. Once registered you will then need to add your beneficiaries to your account, so we will need to know their name, bank account details and the name, address and SWIFT code of their bank.

To complete your remittances you will need to select the beneficiary that you wish to remit money to and tell us:

  • The currency you will be converting from.
  • The currency you will be sending to the recipient and the desired amount.
  • Your reason for transferring money to Luxembourg.

Remittances to Luxembourg with Xendpay are secure as we are a member of the SWIFT banking network and we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payments (FCA). What’s more, Xendpay.com utilises the latest online security protocols and high levels of encryption to make sure that your personal data remains safe.

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