When you need to transfer money to Luxembourg it will pay off to do a bit of research in to the money transfer options. If you are looking to make a swift, simple and cheap money transfer to Luxembourg then Xendpay will be the ideal solution for you. Thanks to Xendpay.com, transferring money to Luxembourg is really convenient as you can transfer money 24/7 via our online payments platform and your money transfers will be inexpensive as we charge low transfer fees and offer a great euro exchange rate.

What transfer services are available?

When you need to transfer money to Luxembourg there will be three main options: A bank, a money sending bureaus or a foreign exchange specialist. 

The first option is likely to be the most obvious solution and a bank can be a convenient way of transferring money. You will however find that the majority of high street banks will charge you high transfer fees each time you transfer money and banks are also renowned for not providing the most competitive currency exchange rates on the consumer market. 

For this reason you may want to think about your other two options. 

Money sending bureaus which are small shops that you will be able to find on high streets around the world are services that will enable you to make your money transfer to Luxembourg even if your recipient does not have a bank account. Once again however you will find that the transfer fees issued will be really high, up to 15 per cent of the value of the transfer and that the exchange rate that will offer is likely to be poor.

If you decide that neither of these options is for you, then a foreign exchange broker such as Xendpay could be ideal for you. 

Why Xendpay?

  • Making a money transfer to Luxembourg will also be really simple and convenient with Xendpay as you can transfer the money at your own convenience 24/7, via our online payments platform.
  • With Xendpay you will know that your funds are in safe hands as we are authorised by a UK government agency, the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services and are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.

How do I transfer money through Xendpay?

Transferring money through Xendpay is really easy, all you will need to do is open a free account which will takes a matter of minutes then add your payee(s) by telling us their name, their bank account details and the name, address and SWIFT code of their bank.

When you are ready to transfer money you simply select the beneficiary that you wish to transfer to, tell us the amount that you need to transfer, the currency that you will be transferring and the currency that you will pay with. Please be aware that a foreign exchange conversion must take place, so you will not be able to pay with euros if you wish to transfer euros to Luxembourg.

Next you will need to choose how you will transfer the funds to our secure Barclay’s bank client account, either by doing a bank transfer or by paying with credit or debit card, iDeal or ELV. Once you have chosen your method of payment you will be shown a real time exchange rate that alters every time that there is a currency fluctuation. You will then be shown a summary of your money transfer to check all the information is correct. If you wish to amend any of the details you can go back and do so, but if you are happy that everything is as it should be you will be able to confirm the transfer, then your money transfer will be complete.

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