Do you want to transfer money to Madagascar? The you should think about the company you choose for your transfers carefully to save as much money as possible. Madagascar is a developing country. At the moment the most important goods Madagascar sells are agricultural and industrial products. Are you a representative of a company that is buying products from Madagascar and have to pay bills there? Or do you want to send money back to your family in Madagascar?

If one of the examples applies to you or you have another purpose of a transfer to Madagascar, you should be aware of the dangers you could face, most of them regarding extremely high fees or charges from your payments provider. Alternatively sometimes the exchange rates for the currency you want to buy may deviate extremely from reasonable prices.

What fits best for a transaction to Madagascar?

Theoretically somebody could choose his or her personal bank for an international payment. But this will most likely be a very expensive action. It is the same problem as for a person who wants to remit money by using services of Westernunion or Paypal. These are well-known, but also famous for their high fees. It is much more intelligent to process a payment to Madagascar with Xendpay. Xendpay has many advantages:

1. Safe: No customer of Xendpay has to be worried about his or her personal information. The secure protocol SSL guarantees a careful treatment of that information. On top of that Xendpay is controlled by the FCA. That governmental institution is responsible for ensuring that financial companies in the UK behave according to laws and regulations.

2: Easy: A payment with Xendpay is quick, easy and always possible. As the online-platform is available 24/7 you can make a transaction whenever you want to. Just after a few clicks we can send your funds.

3: cost-saving: The fees of Xendpay are very low, especially compared to banks. On top of that Xendpay offers very competitive exchange rates.

What do I have to do before a transaction?

You only have to register. Then you can enter your information, requirements and the bank account details of your recipients and we process your payment as quick as possible. If you want to unlock more advantages you can additionally verify your account without extra charge.