When you need to remit money to Mexico and are looking for a cheap and simple way of remitting the money, Xendpay will be the ideal solution for you, as we make remittances inexpensive by charging low transfer fees and offering a great exchange rate for the Mexican Peso. With Xendpay it is also much easier to remit MXN as our 24/7 online payments platform enables you to make your remittances from a time and place which is convenient to you.

Mexico is in North America and it is the fifth largest country in the Americas, spanning an area of almost two million square kilometres. Mexico is also the most populous Spanish-speaking country, with an estimated population of over 112 million.

Are you looking to remit money to a relative living in Mexico City? Maybe you will be remitting money to your own bank account bank in Mexico? Whatever your reason for remitting money to Mexico, making the remittance through Xendpay will be the ideal solution.

If you will be remitting money to Mexico there will be numerous ways to make the remittance, so you will need to take into account the benefits of each of these different services.

While your initial thought may be to remit the money via a bank, the significant fees they charge combined with the poor exchange rates they offer makes this an expensive option.

Remitting the money with a money sending bureaux is another popular choice, but once again this is an expensive option as they offer poor exchange rates and charge fees of up to 10-15%. 

Choosing a foreign exchange provider such as Xendpay is a budget friendly and convenient way of making your remittances to Mexico. Maybe you will be remitting money to Banamex, BBVA, HSBC Mexico, Santander Mexico or another bank in Mexico. Whichever bank and wherever in Mexico you need to remit money to, Xendpay will be the best way to make your remittance.

Why should I choose Xendpay?

  • Simple – Xendpay’s 24/7 online payments platform makes remitting money really easy and convenient.
  • Safe – Xendpay is a UK based company which is regulated by HM Revenue & Customs and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services.
  • Cheap – Xendpay makes remitting money more budget friendly as we offer a great exchange rates for the Mexican peso and our transfer fees are really low.

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