Making property payments to Mexico can be both a time consuming and expensive matter depending on which provider you choose to transfer your money to Mexico.

Whether you are migrating, temporarily staying or just investing in an asset, save money by using RationalFX to transfer your money to Mexico.There are lots of costs to consider when transferring any amount; however, with large amounts of money, you need to be sure of exactly how much impact they will have on your currency exchange and the amount of pesos you receive in return.

You can save up to 10% on your money transfers to Mexico with RationalFX when compared to banks or money sending agents. Transferring money through your bank will always incur a fee, but this charge will be loa and usually it will be a flat-fee which does not increase with the amount you are sending. A more important cost to consider when buying property is the exchange rate offered. RationalFX never charge a commission and our exchange rates are much better than the ‘tourist’ rates offered at a bank or money sending bureau.

We bulk buy currency at good rates, which allows us to pass some of that rate on to our customers. Register today to see how much you can save