Do you want to transfer money to Namibia? Whatever reason you have, if you want to support family and friends there, if you want to pay a supplier or to serve any other purpose, a very important aspect of an international payment are the costs. Who sends money, expects, that the amount which sends arrives at his recipient’s account.

Normally (national payments) that happens, but as soon as a change of the currency is included that expectation is not met very often. High transactions fees and bad exchange rates can reduce the amount that reaches the recipient by up to 20% or more, depending on the bank or company making the transfer. So it can save a lot of money to check all possible ways of sending money to Namibia.

What possibilities do I have?

1. Your personal bank: It is the traditional option. You go to your bank and after some days the bank executes your transfer order. However, it executes the order at very unfavourable terms. The fees are extremely high. Moreover, the exchange rates are very far away from the prices banks have to pay for their foreign currencies, so it is a very expensive transaction. On top of that payments can take very until they arrive at the recipient’s account.

2. Other companies: These companies  (e.g. Westernunion or Paypal) have used the market gap to offer better conditions, but their fees (e.g. 37 GBP for a payment of 500 GBP) and especially their exchange rates are very customer-unfriendly. Their exchange rates are sometimes even higher than the ones of banks. But there is a much better option for sending money to Namibia.

3. Xendpay: Xendpay combines low costs for the customer with a convenient service. The fees are great from a client’s point of view and the exchange rates are very competitive. On top of that the online platform is very easy to use and accessible at any time and everywhere. You don’t even have to leave your home to make a transaction. After a very short period of time the money will arrive at your recipient’s account. As Xendpay is regulated by the FCA and sets very high standards in terms of security your money is secure at Xendpay.

If you want to unlock more destination countries and other services you can additionally verify your account for free.

Just register with Xendpay and make a payment.