Are you interested in sending money to Nepal? Maybe you want to support your family in Nepal, have to pay bills there or have any other reason for transferring money to Nepal. Whatever purpose you have, Xendpay is the perfect option for a transaction to Nepal.

Xendpay is an online platform that is very easy to use. Founded in 2005, the RationalGroup (consisting of Xendpay and its sister company RationalFX) has yet transferred over two billion Euro. One of the most important advantages of Xendpay is that the platform is available 24/7. It is not necessary to leave the own home to transfer money to Nepal, you can send money abroad just by a few clicks. On top of that Xendpay offers much better payment conditions, especially regarding the costs of sending money to Nepal. The fees are much lower compared to Banks, who can charge quite a considerable amount of the total payment as a transaction fee. Another aspect to save money with Xendpay are the exchange rates which are very competitive.

How can Xendpay protect me against risks?

A risk of sending money abroad is that personal information are stolen or that the money is lost on its way to the recipient. Xendpay prevents that in several ways. Firstly, Xendpay Ltd is authorized by the Financial Conducts Authority (FCA), which guarantees the greatest possible care for the safety of our customers and their money. Furthermore we do our best to save the personal information of clients by transmitting them in a secure way and using the secure web protocol SSL. Furthermore all payments we receive are held in a clients Account at Barclays bank (or other Banks depending on the country).

Another risk of international transactions that we encounter is the risk of losing a part of the payment due to charges of intermediary banks. If you send money to Nepal it can happen that another bank other than the account of Xendpay and the recipient’s bank is needed that the money can reach the recipient’s bank account. In this case the intermediary bank could charge a fee for transferring money. If that happens to you, just contact us and we will refund you the charge as it is unacceptable for a customer not to know if parts of the payment will be lost during the process.

What are the steps of a transaction with Xendpay?

If you want to send money to Nepal you have to register at first. We just need some basic information about you (Name, address) and a registration is free and without any obligation. Afterwards you can yet make your first international payments with Xendpay. You enter your information, the payment method (local bank transfer, debit card, credit card, etc.) and the account details of the recipient and we send your money abroad. If you want to make use of further services you can additionally verify your account.