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The Netherlands is a country located in North-West Europe. The country borders the North Sea, Belgium and Germany and shares maritime borders with Belgium, Germany, and the UK. It is a parliamentary democracy organised as a unitary state.

There will be various options when you need to make a money transfer to the Netherlands so it is a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these transfer methods.

Making your money transfer through a bank could be your initial thought as this is an obvious and easy way of making a money transfer to the Netherlands. Making your money transfer through a bank could however be unnecessarily expensive as you will be charged high transfer fees and offered a poor exchange rates for the Euro.

A money sending bureau is another obvious solution, however this is another expensive service as money sending bureaus charge transfer fees as much as 10-15% and provide poor EUR exchange rates.

In order to avoid a costly transaction you should consider other options; you could make your money transfer through a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay cheaply, safely and in a few steps.

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