Banks, cash transfer services and foreign exchange specialist all offer competing services to send money to the Netherlands. While cash transfers can be useful for those who need to send money to a recipient without a bank account, they are likely to prove unnecessarily expensive if you are looking to send money to a Dutch bank account.

Since bank accounts are relatively easy to open in the country, it could make sense to use a foreign exchange broker to send money to the Netherlands.

Accounts can generally be opened once you have a job offer in the country by walking into a local branch to discuss your options.

Cash transfer services tend to offer some of the worst foreign exchange rates around and the majority charge high fees for moving money internationally.

Foreign exchange providers like Xendpay, however, are fee-free and offer very competitive euro exchange rates. So, why not open an account online today?

The Netherlands offers a wide variety of lifestyles, from the liberal city culture of Amsterdam to the peace and quiet of the province of Noord-Holland, with its historic cities and harbours as well as beautiful beaches.