Do you need to transfer money to Netherlands? If so, the cost of transferring money is likely to be the most important factor, so you may be wondering “what is a cheap way to transfer money to Netherlands?” To find a cheap way of transferring money to the Netherlands you will want to look for a service that makes your money go further by charging low transfer fees and offering competitive exchange rates.

How can I make a money transfer to Netherlands?

Through a bank: When you need to transfer money to Netherlands, going through a bank may be your initial thought. While this is a obvious solution when you are dealing with your finances, money transfers made through banks are usually expensive as banks are known to offer poor exchange rates and charge significant transfer fees.

Through a money sending bureau: You will also find that you are likely to get a poor exchange rate when you use a money sending bureaux  poor, which means you will get less foreign currency for your money. What’s more, money sending bureaux are known to charge large transfer fees, as high as 10-15% of the transfer, which makes this an expensive way to transfer money to Netherlands.

Through a foreign exchange specialist: If you are looking for a cheaper way to transfer money to the Netherlands going through a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay will be ideal as this makes transferring money cheaper, simple and convenient.

Cheaper money transfers with Xendpay is the ideal solution for people looking to transfer money cheaply online to the Netherlands.  We have helped tens of thousands of individuals each year by reducing the costs of sending money overseas and making it easier and more convenient.

When you transfer money to the Netherlands through Xendpay you will be offered a very competitive Euro exchange rate that will beat the rate offered by most banks or a money sending bureaux. Why not compare our exchange rate?

You will also find that we charge low transfer fees, which will be lower than most banks or a money sending bureaux, which means that you can make cheap money transfers to the Netherlands. To find out more about our transfer fees please visit our fee page.

What are the benefits of transferring money through Xendpay

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