People who are retiring to New Zealand will need to send money from their country of origin.  But they need to avoid high currency transfer fees and get the best New Zealand Dollar exchange rate possible!

According to International Living magazine, the country is ranked in second place in a survey of which countries are the best places in the world to live in terms of quality of life. The US came in first place and New Zealand was closely followed by the Malta.

Pensioners considering moving out to the islands might want to think about how to send money to New Zealand so that they have as much money as possible to invest in their new life.

Using a bank-to-bank transfer might seem like a simple way to do things, but it can prove expensive as the institution is likely to charge high per-transfer fees on the currency move.

In all probability, a regulated currency exchange broker will offer the most cost effective way to send money to New Zealand.

There are no transfer fees and the currency exchange rate on offer is likely to be the closest available value to the ‘mid-market rate’ 

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