How you send money to Norway will depend on the reasons for your transactions and the frequency with which you make them. But whether you need to send money to Norway to cover mortgage instalments on a property or you just want to send money to family or friends over there, it will save you money if you pick the best way of doing so.

Among your main options is the possibility of sending money to Norway through your local high street bank.

This can be a handy way of doing things, however, chances are you will be hit with a transfer fee each time you move money to Norway this way. In addition to the fees, banks tend to offer rather poor currency exchange rates on the Norwegian krone. Both of these things will eat into the actual amount of money you are able to send.

Alternatively, you could call in at a Money Sending Bureau. These are small establishments found on most high streets around the world. While they will allow you to send money internationally, their services tend to come with hidden costs, including per-transfer fees up between ten and 15 per cent!

Foreign exchange specialist, such as Xendpay, might be a preferable choice for some people who want to send money online, specially if you need to send money to a bank account, perhaps to the Landkreditt Bank or Netfonds Bank.

As currency specialists, we offer a very competitive Norwegian krone currency exchange rate due to the sheer volume of currency they handle. 

On top of this, Xendpay can save you money because we do not charge any high transfer fees on your transactions. 

But there is no need to take our word for these savings. You can open an online account with Xendpay for free today and compare the actual currency exchange rates on offer.