If you need to transfer money to Norway, or are interested in making regular payments for retirement, for mortgage payments or paying bills in Norway, you will find that there are a number of different options available to you. 

Whether you are looking to transfer money to family in Norway as a one-off, travel to Norway or transfer a pension to Norway on a monthly basis, there are a number of costs involved. Some of these come with hidden charges, so undertaking the necessary research into your options is of the utmost importance.

The main choices available to you when looking to send the Norwegian krone to Norway are to take advantage of bank services, visit a Money Sending Bureau or use a specialist foreign exchange provider.

Visiting Bank 1 Oslo or DnB NOR Bank is one way to transfer money to Norway – it can also be a very convenient and simple method.

Your local high street bank should have the tools to set up a transfer for you with just one phone call or visit. However, this method of sending money will see you hit with per-transfer fees, which could soon add up if you plan to move money regularly.

Another way would be to utilise a Money Sending Bureau. These are small establishments found on high streets around the world.

Individuals should be warned, however, that these establishments tend to be poorly regulated and can charge per-transfer fees of between ten and 15 per cent!

That leaves a third option of transferring money to Norway by using a foreign exchange specialist, such as Xendpay.

Companies like this tend to offer very competitive currency exchange rates to consumers due to the sheer volume of currency their transfer every day.

Xendpay can assure you of a low fee service, significantly reducing your outgoings when you transfer money to Norway.

If you would like to know more and take a look at the actual foreign exchange rates on offer on the Norwegian krone, then why not open an account with us!