The cheapest way to remit money to Pakistan will depend partly on your circumstances.

If you are remitting money to Pakistan for a property purchase, for example, your best option might not be the same as that of somebody who is sending the cash to friends or family on a one-off occasion.

Either way, make sure you do your research to ensure you get the best deal when you remit money to Pakistan.

High street banks are one way to go and you can usually set up a transfer with one phone call or visit.

The downside of using a bank to remit money to Pakistan is the extra charges involved. 

The foreign exchange rates on offer are not particularly competitive and you will usually be required to pay a per-transfer fee every time you move cash.

Unfortunately, Money Sending bureaus also impose per-transfer fees, which can be as high as ten or 15 per cent or your transaction value.

These small companies, found on high streets of cities around the world, do have the benefit of allowing you to remit rupees to Pakistan even if your recipient cannot access a bank account with the Bank of Punjab or the Bank of Sindh, for example.

But if your main priority is to find the cheapest way of remitting rupees to Pakistan then it might be worth looking into your options with a foreign exchange broker.

These firms can offer you some of the most competitive foreign exchange rates on the market due to the sheer volume of currency they transfer on a daily basis.

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