Poland is a popular destination for money transfers and the UK to Poland is a particularly strong money transfer corridor, with Polish migrants who live in the UK sending around £600 million to Poland in 2011. Do you need to send money to Poland? Are you a Polish migrant living overseas and are looking to send money home to Poland each month? Maybe you need to send money to relatives in Poland? Whatever your reason for sending money to Poland you will want to use a service that makes your money go further, enabling you to send money simply and conveniently.

Sending money to Poland

What money sending services are available?

When you need to send money to Poland, going through a bank may be your initial thought. Although this is a logical way of dealing with your finances, sending the money through a bank can often be expensive as they are known to offer poor exchange rates and they also charge significant transfer fees. With a bank you will also find that it can take a while for your money to be received, ordinarily 3-4 working days.

You may find that a money sending bureaux, such as Western Union or MoneyGram will be a favourable way to send money to Poland. For some money transfer corridors there can be a lot of competition between money sending bureaux which results in more competitively priced transfer fees and Poland is one of the money transfer destinations where this applies. Sending money through these services is also ideal if you need the money to be received quickly as these services offer a premium service that allows your money to be received in a matter of minutes. This faster service does however cost more than a regular transfer. This combined with a poor Zloty exchange rate is likely to mean your money will not go as far as you may wish when you transfer money to Poland.

Alternatively, sending the money through a foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay would allow for a cheaper money transfer, enabling you to transfer the money simply and conveniently.

Why is Xendpay the ideal way to transfer money to Poland?

  1. Great exchange rate for the Polish Zloty and across our extensive range of currencies. Why not compare our exchange rates?
  2. Low transfer fees – Our transfer fees for the Zloty are some of the lowest on the market and will beat most banks and money sending bureaux. Please see our fee page for further information
  3. Send money 24/7, online via our payments platform
  4. Online and telephone assistance
  5. No need to visit shops or to queue
  6. Easy way to send money to Poland

  1. Your money will be received quickly. If we receive your payment instructions and your funds before 12pm on a working day your payment will be sent out that day and your funds should be received in 1-2 working days. For more information, please see our delivery times page.

To send money to a bank account in Poland, you will need to provide us with the following details:

  • Account Holder’s Name – The recipient’s full name
  • Account Number – The recipient’s bank account number 
  • Bank Name – The name of the bank where the recipient’s account is held
  • Bank Address – The address of the recipient’s bank
  • SWIFT/BIC code – A SWIFT Code consists of 8 or 11 characters, both numbers and letters e.g. RFXLGB2L. Read more about SWIFT/BIC codes here

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