If you need to send money to Poland, be it to send your wages into a bank account back home, or perhaps to send money to family,it is wise to consider the different transfer options open to you and which will be most suited to you. Sending money via Xendpay is the ideal way to transfer money as we offer competitive exchange rates on Zloty and low fees on your money transfer to Poland. 

When you need to send money to Poland there will be a number of options available to you. 

Among the most obvious choices are money sending bureaus as these are visible on high streets around the world. While these bureaus will allow you to send money to Poland quickly, they are one of the most expensive options available. 

The currency exchange rates on offer are poor and you are likely to face high per-transfer fees of between ten and 15 per cent each time you send money to Poland. 

Alternatively, you could go straight to a high street bank in your country of residence. If you are looking to send money to Polish bank accounts, perhaps with PKO Bank Polski or Bank Millennium, this could be a convenient option. 

But once again this method of sending money to Poland is likely to prove unnecessarily costly. Banks also tend to offer a poor rate of exchange and a high per-transfer fee. For somebody who needs to send money to Poland on a regular basis, this can soon result in substantial excess expense.

Alternatively, you could consider a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay! If you opt to send money to Poland with us, you will avoid the high per-transfer fees implemented by other service providers. In addition to this, the competitive rates of currency exchange on the Polish Zloty will allow you to keep more of your money.

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