If you need to send money to Poland you may be wondering what is the best way to send money to Poland? As there are no currency restrictions when sending money to Poland, there will be a number of services that will be able to assist you. It is however likely that you will find most banks or money sending services, for example Western Union or  MoneyGram, are an expensive way to send money to Poland as they charge high transfer fees and offer poor exchange rates. Sending money through a money transfer specialist like Xendpay will be the ideal solution when you need to send Zlotys to Poland as your money can go much further thanks to our low transfer fees and great  Zloty exchange rates.

Member djf asked the following question on PolishfForum.com

Has anyone used Paypal to send money to Poland as a gift? The fee is about 4zl for every 100zl sent. Is this reasonable? Are there any better methods of sending sums less than 500zl?

The answer to this question is yes, Xendpay. Xendpay is the ideal alternative to services such as Paypal, MoneyGram and Western Union as it costs a lot less to send money through us.

As we are foreign exchange specialists we buy our foreign currency in large volumes, which enables us to offer our customers a more competitive exchange rate than the majority of banks and money sending bureaux and to charge some of the lowest transfer fees on the market. Why not compare our exchange rates, or take a look at our list of transfer fees?

How much can Xendpay save me?

To show how much cheaper it is to send money to Poland with Xendpay, we have created a comparison table of our transfer fees and those of a number of other money transfer providers.

 £500 transfer from the UK to Poland Transfer fee Total cost of transfer


£4 £504

Western Union

£24.90 £524.90


£21.99 £521.99


£20 £520

* The fees stated above are correct as of the 02/07/2012 16:25. Please be aware that these fees are subject to change.

As you can see, the cost of transferring money with Xendpay can be as much as 6 times cheaper than other money sending services.

How to send money to Poland with Xendpay

  • Login to your Xendpay account using the email address and password you provided
  • Complete your payment by telling us the currency you are paying in and the recipient’s currency, how much you wish to send and your reason for sending the money.
  • Tell us who you are making the payment to. You can either add recipients to your account once you are registered or you can add a new recipient at this stage of your payment. To send money to Poland you will be required to tell us: the account holder’s name, account number, the name and address of their bank and the banks SWIFT/BIC code.
  • Send the funds to our secure Barclays bank client account, either by bank transfer or credit or debit card payment 

How does the payment work with Xendpay?






With Xendpay your money can be received quickly. If we receive your payment instructions and your funds before 12pm on a working day your payment will be sent out that day and the money should be credited to the recipient’s bank account in 1-2 working days. For more information, please see our delivery times page.