Remitting money to Poland is cheap, convenient and easy with Xendpay. We can save you both time and money and can significantly cut the costs of your regular remittance money transfers.

There is a huge population of Polish people who live and work in the UK who have the need to send their money home to their family or friends. This type of payment is usually made in small but regular amounts, meaning that research needs to be done in to costs involved when making individual transfers.

A typical remittance to Poland would be once a month, when wages are earned. When making this money transfer with your bank, you would incur an individual transfer fee for each transaction, which is a flat-fee of up to £40 in some banks. There are also some commissions or handling fees deducted from transfers when made through money sending bureaus or agents. This can mean that the Polish Zloty which is being received is a much lower amount than can be received when using Xendpay.

With Xendpay, you can send from as little as £100 whilst saving both time and money. We offer highly competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, meaning you will get the best return on the money you send to Poland. We never charge a commission and your money can be sent quickly and efficiently with access for you to make your money transfers online, at your convenience.

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