Do you need a simple and cheap way to send PLN to Poland to transfer your pension payments? Then sending your money through Xendpay is the ideal solution as we enable you to send Polish Zlotys conveniently online 24/7 via our payments system at a competitive Polish Zloty exchange rate and at a low cost due to our low transfer fees.

Poland is a country in Central Europe which has population of over 38 million people and is 312,679 square kilometers. The country is bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus and Lithuania. 

There are a number of ways to send money to Poland so it is a good idea that to you think about the pros and cons of these various options as you will be able to find the most cost effective and convenient way of sending money.

A bank is likely to be your first choice when you are looking to send money to Poland as this is an easy way of sending money however is uneccessarily costly as significant transfer fees will be applied and you will be offered a poor exchange rate for the Polish Zloty.

An alternative and simple way to send money to Poland is through a money sending bureau but once again this is an expensive service as you will be offered poor exchange rates and charged transfer fees as much as 10-15%.

There is however another way to send PLN to Poland – sending money through a foreign exchange provider like Xendpay.

It may be that you are sending money to National Bank of Poland, PKO Bank Polski, HSBC Bank Poland, BRE Bank or another Polish Bank. Whether you need to transfer your pension payments to Zakopane, Mazury, Krakow, Warsaw or elsewhere in Poland you will want your money to be sent fast, safely and as cheaply as possible.

Why should I send PLN through Xendpay?

Convenient – Send  money simply and conveniently from any location 24/7 online.

Safe – Secure systems and highly regulated company by HRMC and the FSA.

Inexpensive– Low transfer fees and a great Polish Zloty exchange rate.

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