There are a number of ways to send money to Poland; however, picking the wrong one for you could result in unnecessary expenditure. For example, while a cash transfer service might seem like a convenient and simple way to send zloty to Poland, you may find that costs mount up and over time you are missing a significant proportion of the wages you were sending home.

This is because these services tend to charge high fees for transferring money abroad. They also offer very uncompetitive rates of exchange.

A foreign exchange specialist, on the other hand, provides some of the most competitive rates of currency exchange available.

People considering how to send money to Poland should be aware that no foreign exchange broker, bank or bureau de change will be able to offer the headline ‘mid-market’ rate you might see on a currency calculator.

However, open a free online account with Xendpay today and you could soon see exactly how much cheaper it could be when you send money to Poland through a broker instead of a cash transfer service.