Now that 2013 is on us, the best currency to keep your cash in for 2012 has been weighed up, calculated and assessed.  And the answer is.. the Polish Zloty!

Polands supremely healthy economy, relatively manageable deficit and natural resources meant that if you kept your money on deposit in a Polish bank, you got the best return versus any other currency in the world!

Overall sending your money to Poland would have given you an overall return of just under 15% in 2012.  Versus say a return of -3.7% if you did the same with the Brazilian Real.

According to Bloomberg, the top 5 currencies for 2012 were;

  1. Polish Zloty (14.99%)
  2. Hungarian Forint (13.95%)
  3. Turkish Lira (13.36%)
  4. Argentine Peso (12.96%)
  5. Colombian Peso (12.65%)

You can see the top ten on this Polish forex web site (in Polish).

The question is, which currencies will be the stars of 2013?  Could this year show a big return for the US Dollar?  Or will the high interest rates on offer in India make the Rupee a safe haven?

One thing is for sure, Xendpay will help you send your money there, wherever it is!