Money transfers from the UK to Poland are a top remittance corridor, with Polish migrants living in the UK sending around £600 million back to Poland in 2011. If you require to transfer money to Poland from the UK, Xendpay will be the ideal money transfer service as we make transferring money to Poland cheaper and simple. With Xendpay you will be able to transfer money 24/7 via our secure and user friendly online payments platform. will also save you money on your transfer from the UK to Poland as our transfer fees are amongst the lowest on the market and we offer highly competitive exchange rates for the Polish Zloty. Please visit our fee page to find out more.

What banks can we transfer money to?

As we are a member of the SWIFT banking network we are able to transfer money to most Polish banks. Here are some of the more popular banks that we regularly transfer money to;

What are the restrictions when transferring money from the UK to Poland?

Making a money transfer to Poland will be straightforward as there are currently no currency restrictions on trading the Polish Zloty. You should however check with the national bank for the latest details as these regulations are subject to change.

Although there are no regulations for money transfers to Poland, you will be need to supply us with some essential information that is required to process the payment. We will need to know the recipient’s name, their bank account number, SWIFT/BIC code and IBAN number.

Please note that we are unable to carry out same currency transfers, so you cannot for example pay in Polish Zloty if you wish to transfer PLN to a Zloty bank account.

While our market leading exchange rate for the Polish Zloty and low transfer fees enable your money to go further, a number of banks will charge and administration charge for accepting the international transfer. This fee could reduce the amount that is credited to the recipients bank account and Xendpay have no control over this fee.

Find out the options when you need to transfer money from the UK to Poland.

Transfer money from the UK to Poland.