We are happy to announce that we have opened a Banco Espirito Santo (BES) euro bank account in Lisbon, Portugal. This new EUR bank account will be great for people looking to send money to and from Portugal, as if the money is sent via our BES euro account the funds could get to the recipient much faster and they will receive the full amount that you send.


Bank name: Banco Espirito Santo 

Liberty Avenue, 195 

1250-142 Lisboa 

Website: http://www.bes.pt/ 
IBAN code:

PT50 0007 0000 0006 9715 8412 3 

Although the euro is a same day currency, the time it takes for the recipient to get the money is often delayed by a slow response from their bank or their bank holding the funds for inspection due to it being an international payment. When you send money to Portugal with Xendpay however, the money could be received on the same day if the payment instructions are with us before 2pm. With Xendpay the funds will be sent via our new BES account in Lisbon, where the bank will respond to the payment promptly, then send the funds on to the recipient’s bank as a domestic payment which will be processed faster than an international transfer.

What’s more, when money is sent overseas it is often subject to an international payment charge, which is taken away from from the recipient’s funds, so they do not receive the full balance that you send.  This fee can however be avoided by sending money through our euro Banco Espirito Santo account as a fee will not be charged for accepting the international transfer, meaning that the recipient will get the full amount that you send.  

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