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There are various options open to you when you need to send money to Qatar, however many of these work out to be more expensive for you than necessary.

Although using your bank may seem the most obvious and simplistic solution when dealing with your finances it is definitely not the most cost effective option. Your bank will not provide you with competitive exchange rates across all their currencies- meaning less Qatar Riyals in the conversion when you send your balance.

Furthermore, your bank will charge you a fee every time you send money to Qatar, which overall makes this a much more expensive option.

Another common option for sending money abroad is a money sending bureau. Although this is a fast way to send money and can also enable you to send money to a recipient that may not possess a bank account this is a costly option.

Money sending bureaus charge considerable service fees and further more they offer poor exchange rates, meaning once again that you get a lot less Qatar Riyals to send for your money.

Using a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay is the final option for you to consider in sending money to Qatar, as it has major advantages over the other options!

Whether you are sending money to friends or relatives or paying a bill, Xendpay is here to make that both an easy and inexpensive option! Sending money through us is simple secure and cheap so you will save both time and money. We offer a competitive exchange rate for the Qatar Riyal and the transfer fees we charge are really reasonable.

We provide a secure online payments system which enables you to send money simply, fast and at a time and place which is convenient  for you.

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