When you need to transfer money to Al Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia, Xendpay will be able to assist you, helping you to make the most of the money transfer. With Xendpay the transfer fees will be really low and we will offer you a highly competitive exchange rate for the Saudi Arabian riyal. What’s more, making money transfers via Xendpay.com is really simple as the online payments system is able to take payment instructions 24/7, so you can transfer Saudi Arabian riyals conveniently online, when it suits you.

Al Rajhi Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the world and it is a major investor in Saudi Arabia’s business world. The bank was founded in 1957 and it has the largest customer base of any bank in the Kingdom, with the most branches and ATMs.

Al Rajhi Bank 

Bank name: Al Rajhi Bank

Olayya Street, Aqaria 3, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia 

Phone number: +966-1-211-6000
Website: www.alrajhibank.com.sa 

Whether you are transferring money to your Al Rajhi bank account in Saudi Arabia or you want to transfer SAR to a friend or relative, making the money transfer through Xendpay will be ideal as you will be able to transfer the money cheaply, conveniently and fast.

Thanks to Xendpay you can get a return when you transfer money to Al Rajhi bank as our transfer fees are really competitive and we offer marketing leading exchange rates for the Saudi Arabian riyal, so more money will be credited to the account than if you made the transfer through a bank or a money sending bureaux.

A key benefit of transferring the money through Xendpay is that we have a convenient, 24/7 online payments system which enables you to transfer money at a time and from a place which suits you. It is really simple to transfer money via Xendpay.com, you just need to complete a few online forms. We will need to know the amount of riyals you wish to transfer, the name of the recipient and your reason for transferring the money. We also need to know the recipient’s bank account details, their IBAN number and the SWIFT code and address of their Al Rajhi branch.

To complete the transfer the funds will need to be credited to our secure Barclays bank client account, which you can do by bank transfer or by paying with a credit or debit card.

Not only is making the money transfer via Xendpay.com really quick, you will also find that the funds can be recieved much faster than if you transferred the money through a bank or a money sending agent as we do not hold your funds and will respond to your payment instructions promptly, processing the transfer on the same day if we receive the funds before 2pm on a working day, so your funds will be credited to the Al Rajhi account in Saudi Arabia much faster.

Al Rajhi Bank, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

Transfer money to Al Rajhi bank in Saudi Arabia