Do you want to send money to Seychelles? There can be many reasons for that. Some people just want to send money back to their family, others have to pay bills in Seychelles, a few might have plans to spend their holidays or even a longer period of time there. Independently, it is always recommendable to check how this transaction can be made most efficiently and cost-savingly.

The Republic of Seychelles is a country consisting of more than 100 islands with a population of just around 90.000 people. It is well-acknowledged for the fact that Seychelles is the best African country in the yearly “Human Development Index” by belonging to the best 50 countries worldwide.

How can I send money there?

Basically there are many possibilities. However, especially banks and some international payment bureaus such as Westernunion demand extremely high transaction fees and offer their customers only unfavourable exchange rates. So searching for alternatives is a good idea. One of those is Xendpay: Xendpay is an online-platform which is a very helpful and unique option to send money to Seychelles and many other countries worldwide.

Why is Xendpay so advantageous?

There are various reasons for this: One of them is the fact that the platform of Xendpay is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Clients of Xendpay are not dependant on opening hours, they can make transactions whenever they want. Furthermore you save a lot of money when you choose Xendpay. The transaction fees Xendpay charges are very low and the exchange rates are much more attractive for clients that the ones of other payment companies.

Additionally your money is safe when using Xendpay. As an authorized company by the FCA Xendpay takes care of their customers in the best possible way. Do you want to send money to the Mauritius Commercial Bank, the Barclays Bank in Seychelles, the Bank of Baroda, the Habib Bank or any other bank in Seychelles?

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