You can transfer money online 24/7 to Sinagpore via Xendpay’s online payments system. We allow you to transfer money for a low fee and will offer you a great exchange rate for the Singapore Dollar so you will save money on the costs of your transfer.

When you first find that you need to transfer money to Singapore, the options available to you can be a little overwhelming, but stick with it and do your research because you really only have three main options to choose from which are a bank, a Money Sending Bureau or a foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay.

If you need to transfer money to a bank in Singapore, perhaps an account with the Islamic Bank of Asia or the DBS Bank, then calling into a local bank in your country of residence might be one option for you to consider. You can usually transfer money to Singapore this way with just one phone call or visit, however it is likely that this convenience comes with some unnecessary costs. Per-transfer fees will probably be imposed on each transaction you make and the foreign exchange rates on the Singapore dollar will be less than ideal. 

Your second option is to use a Money Sending Bureau. The main advantage of this method is that you can transfer money to Singapore, even if the recipient does not have access to a bank account. However, the per-transfer fees involved in this option can be as high as 15 per cent and, again, the Singapore dollar exchange rate will be quite poor. 

If you want to access some of the most competitive exchange rates on the market then it might be worth seeing if a foreign exchange specialist can help you transfer money to Singapore. We will offer you very good exchange rates due to the sheer volume of currency we handle on a day to day basis and will enable you to make low fee money transfers.

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