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Singapore has attracted many people to relocate there due to its low crime rate and good standard of living. With so many people choosing to relocate to Singapore it has made it one of the most popular relocation destinations in the world!

If you need to send money to a loved one living in Singapore or maybe you are an expat looking to buy a house or transfer your pension payments. Finding the best way to send your money means you can also save money!

The way you send money to Singapore is important as the conversion to Singapore dollars and the transfer to such banks like DBS carries different costs depending on where you go. This in turn will ultimately affect how much money you have for your purposes in Singapore.

You can firstly enquire at your bank. They can offer you the service to send money to Singapore and it can be quite convenient as you are already an account holder. But with their poor exchange rates for the conversion and bank charges per transfer can see your costs add up, especially if you need to send money regularly.

Another option are the money sending bureaus, they specialise in foreign currency and international transfers. They seem like a quick and easy option however they are not an ideal option as they charge a whopping 10-15% for using their service on top of terrible exchange rates. With their long opening hours and mainly located in the busy parts of town they tend to take advantage of the not so attentive consumer.

The ideal option is Xendpay as we make sending money to Singapore cheaper and easier! We are highly experienced foreign exchange specialists and we offer extremely competitive rates of exchange for the Singapore Dollar and allow you to make low fee transfers.

You can make your payments easily and quickly online with our secure and simple online payment system, which gives you the ability to track your payments, giving you peace of mind that your money will arrive safely to Singapore!

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