Choosing how you will send money to Slovakia can be tricky but with the option of Xendpay the choice is made a lot simpler. With Xendpay you can start sending money to Slovakia cheaply online 24/7 from any location. Get a great Euro exchange rate and transfer EUR for a low fee with Xendpay now.

How you choose to send money to Slovakia depends largely on your individual circumstances.

You might need to send euros to Slovakia to cover instalments on a property or to just move some cash across to friends or family; whatever your reason, be sure to do some research before you send your money.

One of the simplest ways to send money to Slovakia is to use a high street bank and this is a very convenient option if you need to send money to somebody with a bank account in Slovakia, perhaps with UniCredit Bank or Privatbanka, however, this convenience will come at a cost. With banks you can expect to pay per-transfer fees each time you send money and the Euro currency exchange rate will be poor.

A Money Sending bureau is another option, but unfortunately comes with similar problems to banks. These small establishments, found on high streets around the world, can be useful for sending money to people in Slovakia who cannot access a bank account but the poor Euro exchange rates and the high per-transfer fees make this another costly option.

Alternatively, you could use a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay as we are able to offer you a competitive currency exchange rate due to the large volume of currency we handle and on top of this you can send money at a low cost to Slovakia.

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