Sending Euro with Xendpay is simple, convenient and inexpensive. It is the ideal way to send Euros to OTP Banka Slovenska, Slovenia. When you send money through us you will get a great EUR exchange rate, will be able to send money at a very competitive transfer fee and will benefit from the convenience of being able to transact fully online.


Bank name: Otp Banka Slovenska

Sturova 5, Bratislava,  81302, Slovakia 

Phone number: 421 2 59 79 11

SWIFT code:

Are you looking to send Euros to a member of family with a OTP Banka Slovenska account? Or perhaps you need to transfer EUR to make payments for goods you have purchased? Whatever your reason for sending EUR, your money transfer can be unnecessarily expensive when you send your money through a bank or a money sending bureau. There is fortunately however another way to send Euro to OTP Banka Slovenska – Xendpay.

You can send money to Slovakia conveniently online via Xendpay from any location which means you can make convenient transfers from the comfort of your home, will get a great Euro exchange rate and the transfer fee will be really low. To start transferring money choose your method of payment and provide us with the recipient’s bank account details and the SWIFT and IBAN code of their bank.

OTP Banka Slovenska, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

Transfer Euros to OTP Banka Slovenska cheaply online.